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By clicking any link on this page you are giving your consent to our Privacy Policy and Cookies Policy. Ok I Agree Learn More. Download APK The description of Dash Legends Dash Legends is a realtime multiplayer battle with tons of weapons and pets.

Frequent updates make the game always fun and engaging.

Mega Man Legends (video game)

It's tons of fun! Scramble over all obstacles! Rase the competition! Your reputation is at stake! Your favorite pet will carry you to victory and will protect you! Complete adventures and stake your claim on epic rewards. Characters: Izel - The shaman of a secretive tribe, Izel is a fierce protector of his people and Princess Irsa.

He relies on nature's gifts to repel treasure-seeking intruders.

dash legend

Irsa - Orphaned as a baby, Irsa was found and raised by shaman Izel's tribe. Seen as a gift from the gods, she was granted the protection of powerful talismans. Anubis - Keeper of the dead, Anubis left his underworld realm on the prowl for two souls that evaded his custody: the undying Queen Cleo and the undead priest Imhotep.

Ari - An infamous cat-burglar, Ari often happens to 'acquire' maps and clues for ancient artifacts. She also strongly believes in sharing … in your possessions.

Cleo - Queen Cleo coveted eternal youth and had the priests of Ra place her in suspended animation … until the seal of her chamber was broken by irreverent tomb raiders. Cro - Cro was caught by surprise by the Ice Age and he spent millennia in frozen slumber.We're watching " Tiger King " on Netflix for sure.

Our recommendations also include " Night on Earth ", " Ozark ," and more. See our picks. Sign In. Dash Mihok Actor Soundtrack Director. Up this week. He is of Czech and British descent.

Dash was raised in a trendy artist building. He attended many different schools, including the Bronx Filmography by Job Trailers and Videos.

What's Streaming Now on Netflix? Share this page:. Harry Turtledove's Worldwar: A Series. Favourite actors. Great actors I love in no particular order. Magnificent Actors. Do you have a demo reel? Add it to your IMDbPage. How Much Have You Seen? How much of Dash Mihok's work have you seen? Known For. Silver Linings Playbook Officer Keogh.


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dash legend

Damon Kerrigan.In the far future, much of the world is covered in water and people live on islands. The people here use ancient technology powered by refractors to survive. In order to survive, people called Diggers search for refractors and sell them for money as well as to power their flying machines for travel. Legends tell of an enigmatic treasure called the Mother Lode.

dash legend

It is said that the Mother Lode has many powerful refractors and that, if discovered, it could power the world indefinitely. There they battle against a family of air pirates known as the Bonnes and uncover the island's many mysteries. After leaving an old towerthe Flutter crashed on Cardon Forest the police arrive to check on them. The Inspector welcomes them to Kattelox Island and asks one of them to go to the station for details, saying that it won't take long, with Barrell going to the station.

While Barrell is busy, Roll asks Mega Man to look parts for their ship. He goes to the Junk Shop and the woman inside asks him to find her husband, who went to the Underground Ruins to find some parts. Mega Man finds him inside the ruins nearby being attacked by Reaverbot snakes and saves him. The Junk Shop owner thanks him and returns to the shop. In the shop, they lament that they don't have the parts he needs, but they give Mega Man a Mine Parts Kit and let him have the car outside the market.

Outside the market, Roll is seeing the car and asks if Mega Man found any parts. As the shop had none of the parts needed, he tells her that they have to digout for them.

After using the car to make a Special Weapon with the kit Mega Man received from the Junk Shop owners, they are greeted by a police officer who was been looking for them and gives their Citizen's Card, telling them that some of the gates to other areas are locked due to Air Pirates planning to attack the city. Roll tells him that Barrell is inside the city and wonders if he will be all right, and the officer tells them that if he finds him he will bring him to a safe place.

Still worried, Roll asks Mega Man to check Barrell. While on the way to City Hallhe notices Jim and his gang near the door to Downtown talking about a woman that might be a pirate. They leave when they notice Mega Man. Tron notices Mega Man watching and asks what he was looking at before leaves.

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Mega Man reaches the City Hall and finds Barrell talking to the mayor of the island, Ameliawho is an old friend of his. Outside the City Hall, Tron is been chased by a dog name Paprika. Mega Man was confused, wondering what's that about. He finds Tron in Downtown, hanging in a street light and yelling at the dog to leave her alone. Mega Man makes Paprika go away and turns to Tron, who's still hanging at the street light, asking her if she's all right.

Tron slowly drops down from the street light and begins to develop a crush on him. Blushing, she tells him to mind his own business and runs away. Mega Man returns to Roll as the Drache near the market leaves. Roll asked Mega Man if he saw the ship that just flew by, then notices several of them entering the city and hear booming noise. She realizes they are attacking the city and, worried with Barrell, hurries to the City Hall.There are two conflicting sources for this article: Shadows of the Empire novel and Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire video game.

Basketball Legends game

Lucasfilm has not yet established a cohesive timeline. Editor discretion is advised. Dash Rendar was a Human male smuggler and freelancer. Born into a wealthy Corellian family during the final years of the Galactic Republiche chose to pursue a career as an officer in the Imperial Navy rather than joining the family shipping business. When his parents refused to sell their business to Prince Xizorowner of Xizor Transport Systems and leader of the Black Sun crime syndicate, the Dark Prince sabotaged a freighter flown by Rendar's older brother, Stantonkilling him as his ship crashed into the Imperial Museum.

Fleeing to the Outer Rim TerritoriesRendar gained a reputation as a hot-shot pilotsmuggler, and mercenary. Charn initially claimed that she needed protection from an overzealous fan, but after multiple attempts on her life, Rendar learned that she was a member of the Rebel Alliance and was being pursued by the Imperial Security Bureau and elements of Black Sun, including Xizor himself.

Rendar ultimately saw Charn safely to Alderaanbut Vrill was killed during an assassination attempt on Bannistar Station. Despite his personal reasons for disliking the Empire, Rendar refused to abandon his independence to join the growing Rebellion.

His motivation was profit and, though he occasionally went on to work for the Rebels, he insisted on being well compensated. Before he could act, however, the ship's computeran artificial intelligence known as SIMtook control of the ship itself.

Rendar was one of the few passengers trapped aboard and joined forces with the Shi'ido Mammon Hoole and his adopted children, Tash and Zak Arrandato escape the ship and defeat SIM. He later took a job escorting the famous swoop racer Kimmi Chylersmuggling supplies for the Rebels as he traveled.

His work came to the attention of both the Imperial Security Bureau and Prince Xizor but, despite multiple attempts to stop him, Rendar successfully completed several deliveries. He eventually led Calrissian to Gall in the Zhar systembut the Rebels were unable to rescue their friend.

Following this, Rendar was hired by Princess Leia Organa to watch over the young Jedi Luke Skywalker after a recent attempt on his life. After saving Skywalker from a swoop gang on TatooineRendar accompanied him on a mission to recover the plans to the Empire's second Death Star battlestation from the Mobquet medium transport Suprosa. The mission was a success, but an apparent mistake by Rendar cost the lives of many Bothan pilots.

Seeking to make amends, Rendar helped to rescue Organa when she was held prisoner by Xizor in his palace on Coruscant. The Outrider appeared to be destroyed while fleeing Coruscant, but Rendar merely faked his death to avoid reprisals from Black Sun and the Empire. In the following years he teamed up with the Human replica droid Guriforming a mercenary team and eventually establishing a company to create more HRDs, including a replica of Rendar's own brother, Stanton.Becoming Legend is a feature added in patch 2.

A full guide blog on the feature is available here and is highly suggested. Essentially, becoming Legend allows you to start your game back over from the beginning. You'll start at level 1 with no skillsspellsor items. The only WeaponsArmoror Accessories that you keep is the legend gear earned from Daily Dungeon.

Epic coins and Key items stay, as do Achievements and Statistics. The first 20 of these award either a couple of bonuses or a boost to experience gained. These bonuses are permanent and persist each time you Legend. All bonuses are listed below. When you Legend the first time, those points are awarded to you and the first row five total of perks unlocks. These perks are permanent and persist each time you Legend. The first column costs 1 perk point per rank, the second costs 2, third 3, fourth 5, and the final column costs 10 points for each rank.

They're in rough categories: the first is mostly main stats, the second one gives bonuses to weapon damage depending on type, the third is roughly skills that you can get with regular levels, the fourth is chance effects, and the final ones are unique bonuses not found anywhere else.

Warning : Spending these perk points is currently permanent - there is no way to reset them and spend them elsewhere.

dash legend

Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Categories :. Cancel Save.Play basketball with the famous Basketball Legends.

Do quick match, tournament or even play against your friends in 2 player mode. Basketball Legends Game New Games. Basketball Legends game. Tags: Basketball Legends game Basketball Legends.

Zoo Boom. Match cute animal cubes in this colorful puzzle game! Tap at least two animals o High Hills. How far can you go?

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We brought a new breath to the stunt games. If you are a fast racer and have a p Porklike Games. Porklike is a minimalistic, classic Roguelike made in the Pico-8 engine.

Enter t Header Champ Games. Select your favourite team, select the time of the match and score as much point Bola Soccer Games. Thank u. Pixel Speed Ball Games.

Play Pixel Speed Ball Games.Mega Man Legends [a] is a series in the Mega Man franchise. While the main series is known for its 2D side-scrolling platformer gameplay with very little story, this series instead features 3D action-adventure gameplay and a robust story. The games are set in the distant future; a time when the planet Earth is mostly ocean, leaving some islands left for civilization to prosper on.

Based on in-game dialogue, the series takes place at least in the year 80XX. By this time frame, the original humans have been replaced by artificial lifeforms almost identical to them which can produce offspring with almost no effort. The player controls Mega Man Volnutt, a teenage digger and archaeologist of sorts who searches underground ruins mainly for Quantum Refractors, which are the civilization's primary source of energy.

Giving them trouble are the Bonnes, a group of pirates consisting of leader Teisel Bonne, his sister though the booklet says daughter [2] Tron Bonne who is also allegedly infatuated with Mega Mantheir baby brother Bon Bonne who somehow can drive a large mecha suit known primarily for his repeated line, "Babu!

More trouble is given to Mega Man by the Reaverbots, the techno-organic semi-intelligent residents of the underground ruins who serve to protect its contents. Ports for Windows and PlayStation Portable followed in and respectively. However, the game was ultimately cancelled in July Keiji Inafunewho was the producer on all three Legends games, has for many games has consistently expressed interest in making a third installment.

A fan campaign meant to persuade Capcom to continue development on Mega Man Legends 3 started shortly after its cancellation. The group also advocates using Tanomi. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For the first video game in the Legends series, see Mega Man Legends video game. Capcom Co. December 18, Archived from the original on December 9, Vimm's Lair. Retrieved Archived from the original on January 14, Retrieved April 12, Anime News Network.

Retrieved November 4, Retrieved May 1, Nintendo Power : June Retrieved July 20, Retrieved August 2, Digital Trends.

Retrieved June 25, Archived from the original on September 29, Retrieved August 10, Japan portal Video games portal.

Mega Man Legends. Mega Man Legends 3. Mega Man franchise.


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